Diabetic Shoes and Supplies

Diabetic Shoes

Beverly Hills Pharmacy offers diabetic shoes and moldable inserts with custom fittings here in our store. Many styles are available including lace up, Velcro, athletic shoes, sandals and boots.

Diabetic Shoes are designed to alleviate pressure points on the foot and allow for better circulation.  If you are approved for shoes through Medicare or Medicaid, we will be able to serve you.

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Diabetic Supplies

Studies have shown that better control of blood sugar along with good cholesterol and blood pressure management help diabetics diminish the risk of heart attack or stroke.  These good habits can also keep associated eye and kidney diseases at bay.  Beverly Hills covers all your Diabetic supply needs including…

  • Glucose Meters
  • Glucose Strips
  • Lancets
  • Insulin
  • Syringes
  • Glucose tablets